Brother! Sax player from Hamilton Loomis...Dude hit me up man! Your record was nice man! Let's do some work in the future...

Sign me up Bro! I want to check you out and support you when you do a show!
-Your brother from another mother


Heyyyy Kurk!


Love your music! Keep me posted on upcoming shows!😊

What happened to your Facebook page? I had something funny to share with you and you disappeared on me.

kurk: THank you so much for accompanying me at the christmas concert on sunday, december 22. it was a great thrill and your high level of expertise made me feel very comfortable. continued blessings to you and i look forward to working with you in the future!

supporter of all great sound - including birds, loons, wipporwills, etc.


wuts up wit the Captain ???
you a badd mo fo !! why do't U put some of your
superfine tunes up on this site ???? Best , Swan


I like the Perfect Mutations, nice groove, cool tune!

Will, I'm enjoying the music and i'll be sure to tell everybody I know to come check your site out. Can't wait to check you out live, man!!!!


looking for hip hop dancer(s) - you were receommended by Nicole Mitchell

Hey Will! I thought I got a hold of you on facebook, but it won't let me go to your page now....but I know it's been a few years, hope you still even remember me man. I really hope that you're doing well, and I see you let out another cd! I'm always rocking vol.2 when I teach and telling people to check you out. What's up with your next show man? I'm finally 21 so I can come and support. Well, hope to hear from you soon. Much love, peace ez.

William my name is John and I just got exposed to you from my friend Sarah Marie Young. I took a listen to your music and no sooner than 5 minutes, I purchased "Satellite Dreamer" and "Strange Sunset". I love your music and am quite pleased that your generation has not lost the ear for good music. I look forward to hearing more of your music.

Junius and I love your music! Keep growing!

Hey - send me info - put me on whatever lists you have.



Thank you very much for visiting the showroom and jammin' a bit on the Roland pianos. I look forward to seeing you again soon.


Oh! And I need my copy of Vol. 3 autographed! :-)

Thouroughly enjoyed the Vol. 3 album release party and so did my co-worker (she's a singer, musician, composer too and was in awe). We both agree that the William Kurk style is not a part of the cookie cutter talent that's so common these days. The show was as unique as you are. And we got the much needed medicine of laughter inspite of that days' tragedy (R.I.P M.J.). Please stay humble bro. —your gift is truly extraordinary. Peace, blessings, & prosperity to ya!

Your music is incredible. Anytime you are in Boston I plan to be there as well

Dude...that "Another Day" is KILLING.

Save me a copy of the new joint. See you on the 25th.

You going to perform outside of chicago? Like ohio maybe?

Keep up the good work captain. Stay blessed. WMD.

A type of sound soooooooo refreshing, a sound dat i wanna chill 2 let me jus lounge around on dis one.

hey kirk its me the little songbird from church i absolutely love it the rythm of it the beats its estatic its awesome man you rock kirk your my idol :)

William fait de l'excellente musique :::! Bravo !

Comment se procurer un album en France

Merci , Thank you

Love & light Captain Kurk....loved your music at closeup 2 and my sistah & WE enjoyed vibin' in with you & the rest of the band. Joy & bliss for the new year~ let us know where you will be next.....we love to travel~~BLESSINGS!


My vote is down

Lovin' that New Millenium tune!

Hey showing more love to my people keep the music banging!!!

Your creativity is refreshing, keep pushing your limit.

All I can say is....WOW !!!! :-)

Kurk, continue to do ya thing. Looking good and sounding great, stay up, one love family.

Congratulations on your radio debut tonight! I'll be requesting your "Sleepwalker" on WNUA!

Ur music sounds real good.Keep up the good work.God bless........

more power to you my friend !
your work, very pleasing to the heart.

It's always a pleasure to listen to artist that are true to the game..musicain,writer,performer..Keep fighting Will.. you have a new fan..Damn.. that sound like Mc Cain.. sorry...can't say keep hope alive

Dope Site Captian, who did it?

s'up will, site looks good man, keep traveling the interstellar regions.

Welcome to the dynamod family. It's great to see you on here. The site looks great.

You are the man. Soundin\' good.

P.S. I hope I win that $10 . . . LOL

Nice web site man! :-)

Hey, I didn't know you played the flute!

My Favorite William Kirk-ism:
"You can tell a lot about a person by what entertains them." I'm entertained by "The Sound" volumes 1 & 2. So what does that say about me? :-) lol

Keep doing what U do... doing you!

Keep up the Good Work and the Original Sound. Be Encouraged man.

man your music is dope, keep the good work going

Peace to you fam.

Keep on rock'n!

Nice sounds!

I have finally entered the William Kurk page. This is cool. Since everybody likes to call you Captain Kurk, the next project you will have to record should be titled "Space Jam The Next Generation."

Will, when are you gonna come and audition for us as a samba dancer? We need your help with our gang dancin. Don't let me down!

For real, tho, I still love this song after all this time. Talk to you soon!

Captain Kurk Lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

yo W.K. your a great artist, keep doing ya thang, keep up the great work. mad respect. mad love,
----yours truely DJ Wikidwayne :)

Hey man i love your music it's banging real hot like i can't touch hot lol. Love the design of the page also, wish you well man.

Just stopping by to spread some love and check out the music.

Peace, Love and Supermalt


Hi William!
Your music is amazing!
You are so talented.
Thank you Yuki for leting me know about William.
Keep up the great work!!!

Very nice Mr WK. I'm impressed. I look forward to seeing you live.. Sounds like a combination of WK and Gil Scott Herron. What do you think?

Cap'n KURK!!!! Whazzup, dude?!! Just checkin' in 2 say hey! Can't wait 2 burn down another stage with ya!

Yeah William!! I dig the new site! Totally lovin' your tunes bro!


Tight music, tight page...Got it goin on. Keep doing ya thing my man. Will be coppin your music not now, but Right Now!!!!!!! Peace n Love

Yo! Will san!! ii ongaku da ne!!!

New Millennium William Kurk is NOW the new SOUND!

I've officially decorated the house :-)

Hey WK,
I can't wait to check out those tunes.
Peace and Love,

I really love the sound. To me it's a jazzy new age electro groove that's on point.......



peace,love, and prosperity to U Entertainment

Will, I must say that you are a very talented young man and more young people should direct their energy toward a more productive way of life! Keep up the excellant work, and i look forward to your future projects! Much love and respect from your girl, Cheryl!!!

Keep on moving forward. You talent is amazing.

Great website, W.K.! I'll be looking forward to checkin' out your future projects! Keep up your great work!

Hot man! Too many melodies you put down man.