08 August, 2018WK UPDATE: SUMMER 2018

It's been a while (once again) since I've been able to share something 'news-worthy' on this section, but alas, the time has arrived! The year has been quite active (to say the least).

I've been playing full-time with a corporate band (Lakeshore Encores), which has been quite busy, but a fun experience I share with my fellow peers of the music foray.

Just recently, I have tendered my resignation as the keyboardist/vocalist with Steve Arrington, due to my upcoming schedule. It was a great ride, and I was honored to share the experience, but all roads have their forks...and thus, this is the scenario.

I've been hard at work pumping out episodes at Reverb.com for the "Synth Sounds Of" series, that has been going well. All the episodes are on Youtube on the Reverb Youtube channel, and request are always welcomed in the comments!

All that being said...THE NEW ALBUM IS UNDERWAY! After (insert insane amount of time), it's finally seeing the light of day! Above all things that are happening in my life, this is by far the most crucial news of all! More info to come, but for now, this is THEE major news!

The WKE will be back in effect, and the band alliance will reconvene once again in some exclusive shows. I will also be chartering the music in some settings solo across the country (and beyond), so stay tuned to these happenings as well.

Stay rockin!!!

17 August, 2017THE "MS.PAC MAN" VIDEO IS BACK!!

After being informed that my video was no longer on Youtube as a result of a 'copyright claim' filed against me for the song, I had to fight tooth and nail to resolve the issue with Youtube. Upon further review (via an appeal process), the dispute was released.

However, this completely erased all of my stats for the video, which had reached over +2 Million views. Needless to say, I am profoundly annoyed by this, because the video has been up since 2012...and now in 2017, there was suddenly a problem.

I went through all avenues to prove that I wrote the song, as well as proving the content of the visuals to be completely original in concept. Although I am using the likeness of the "Ms.Pac Man" video game to tell a story, it is fair use to parody a popular work, as long as it is contextually deemed as such.

The video is back, and now it lives on for those who wish to see it and support it. I won't allow these things to stifle my progress. Also, the hard work of my team that helped it happen has to be given props for their contribution, and I won't let it die for them either.

Last but not least, the viewers and supporters don't deserve to let their joy die for the sake of corporate interest (and/or) haters not allowing things to co-exist.

I appreciate all who have supported me, and continue to do so dearly!


16 September, 2016Snapchat!

If you're on Snapchat...add me there.

I just returned to Twitter/IG after a 1.5 month hiatus, but I'm uncertain if I'll be coming back to facebook soon.

I have new music that can be previewed exclusively on Snapchat, so connect away!


15 August, 2016Summer 2016 Update!~

Salutations supporters, stalkers, and everyone in-between!

This year has been an interesting journey for me thus far, and I know that I haven't been the most frequent with emails and updates, but things are happening...I promise.

One of the major announcements that I must share is the advent of a new recording project that is now underway. There is no album title just yet, but the direction will be a unique one compared to the previous releases. It will return to all-original music, and have some colorful moments indeed. I will keep you posted on the developments of this project as they progress.

Oh...I'm not on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for the time being. I've decided to take a sabbatical from the frenzy indefinitely until further notice. I must admit that I don't miss the madness of the information saturation zone, but I know that's convenient for people, so I'll find a way in the near future to accommodate the peeps.

Lastly, check out the 'gigs' tab on the website for dates and shows. I'm going to be ramping up some outings with Steve Arrington, and remounting the William Kurk Enterprise soon, so stay tuned.

Thanks yawl!!!

Enjoy the remaining days of summer. It will soon be 'no more'. :-\


11 April, 2016"LEGACY" is going digital.

The "LEGACY" album that I released in November has been only available in physical CD format. I made a decision to explore the prospect of making the album available for digital download for all of the music lovers that live abroad and constantly requested the album be available online.

It will take a few weeks or so, but when it's live, I'll let the folks know, and it will be available on the usual sites (iTunes and all the rest).

I'm struggling to determine the direction of my next project. I have a previously-recorded project under my wings that could emerge, but I also have new ideas that are profoundly relevant to my recent discoveries and challenges of life. I might use Soundcloud as a way to poll some of this material, so connect with me on that site if you're a member. It's free to access, but I'll need your comments/likes to help gauge which selections will live or die.

Spring has been rather slow in arriving to us in Chicago/Midwest, so if you're having great weather...Spring on! If not, keep the faith!

Thanks so much.


27 March, 2016Update for Spring 2016

The era of #WKLegacy has been fruitful and interesting for me. I appreciate all the folks that gave their time and energy to support the vision of preserving the great artists of our time.

R.I.P Phife Dawg of A Tribe Called Quest, who made his transition at the age of 45. Definitely a contributor to one of the groups in Hip-Hop that I consider a musical influence. Time is real, and for all of us, there will come a day when we must cross that river. I pay respect and homage to the legends as often as I can.

Regarding my next potential project, I'm not quite sure about the direction just yet, but I've been testing some of my unreleased / newer material on recent gigs, and some responses have been interesting. I can't say for sure when I aim to have this album complete, but I have some ideas that need to hit the airwaves. It will happen this year.

I appreciate the mighty few that keep up with the content I share via this website and email. Much love to the mighty few that showed up to support the music this hectic Easter weekend, and after a much needed nap, my mind is back in the mode of productivity.

I've also started posting select tracks from my "Legacy" album on Youtube, so please check out the Youtube page (@Williamkurk) to peep some of the tracks from the album. Oh...get the album while you're at it! lol.


Thanks so much.


03 March, 2016Al Jarreau

One of my all-time favorite artists of life just happened to be in town last night, and it was worth the time and effort. First off, I didn't plan on going initially, due to a scheduled rehearsal I usually have with Steve Arrington, but when the rehearsal got cancelled, my opportunity came knocking.

It is always a euphoric experience to see a icon in the flesh, and Al Jarreau is an artist I have always admired. I'm honored to be born in the era of his music while it was fresh and commanding, free from the barriers of what is jazz, R&B, soul, funk, classical, and beyond. He is the essence of all of the music that has existed in life and will ever be.

The way the world is situated now, there is no room for a major artist (especially of color) to be as wide-spanned the way Jarreau is. It's unfortunate that the radio markets and listening audience is nothing like it used to be, but it gave me hope, because I feel as if I represent this very limited genre of 'multiverse music'. He paid respect to George Duke, his long-time collaborator and friend, who is also another artist that fits the 'multiverse' of all things music.

Jarreau is limitless, and it was an honor to see him continue his greatness at the age of 75! Nothing in this life is promised, and age is not just the only obstacle that we as humans have to worry about. Al expressed that he was in pain, but that pain would have to step aside to the music that was hankering to be unleashed. He is definitely a legend, and I was entertained and educated all the same.

Jarreau is a major influence for me, so it was an honor to see him in real time. Love the legends while they're here. You never know when they will make their transition into that legendary lounge in the sky.

I do a cover of an Al Jarreau song on my latest album, and the link to it is here. Click it and listen. The song is not downloadable, so just play it until infinity, or go to www.cdbaby.com/williamkurk6 and buy the album. Cheers!~

11 January, 2016NEW W.K MUSIC!~

Salutations peoples of the Earth (and beyond).
2015 was an eventful year, and came with it, the long-awaited release of the #WKLEGACY album. An album full of cover tunes was always a passion project of mine, and now that I got that on the conveyor belt of projects, I now will start releasing new W.K music this year.

Today is the reveal of some previously unreleased music, entitled "Secret". I originally composed this tune in January of 2014, so it's basically 2 years old, but it's never been released...until today.

Show your support by downloading the FREE tune at Soundcloud.com, and add/follow me on the platform if you're a member (@Williamkurk). Leave a comment, share the jam, and favorite.

R.I.P Natalie Cole, Otis Clay, and David Bowie.

Keep music and the virtues of our culture alive, as they are dying daily.

Involve yourself with what you value, and it will value you.


19 November, 2015The #WKLEGACY Album Is Off And Running...

Thank you so much to the peeps that made their way up north to the #NOV16 album release party at Black Ensemble Theater. So much had to come together for that evening to flow the way it did, and I'm thankful for my bandmates, WKE staff crew, BET, and the supporters that came through. Much love.

The album is now available on CDBaby.com, Dustygroove.com (and in-store at the Chicago location), and more stores to follow. This album is only available in PHYSICAL COPY FORMAT! No copies will be sold/played via digital download sites (iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp etc). It's important for the culture of our music supporters to participate in the process of keeping music valued, and download sites usually dilute the exclusive nature and artistic integrity of the product.

I have another event upcoming soon at THE SILVER ROOM / Hyde Park! Come through if you're around. It'll cost you NOTHING to walk in, which means you'll have something to yield towards the support of this CD (YAY)! It's all ages, as long as your kids are disciplined and mindful of the environment, bring them out! Thanks yawl!



After seeing countless emails and hashtags over 2+ years, the album that is the Mega-Godzilla of a passion project is finally here for the people! This is a pride and joy of a project, because I wasn't sure if it was going to see the light of day, but I'm honored through perseverance and diligence that it is now a reality.

The album will be available worldwide via CDBaby.com distribution at this link here: http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/williamkurk6

At this current moment, there will be no plans for a digital distribution of the album, because of the insane overhead needed to manage such content, but buy the physical CD; it's a treasure and you'll appreciate the music more while reading the story behind each song in the credits. Not to mention, the artwork by my graphic designer Sirita is worth having too, so just order the CD!

Thanks so much for the people that have been in my corner "THROUGH THE FIRE"! :-)



After numerous news updates and countless days of trying to pull the strings together, the official release of "LEGACY" is finally upon us! November 16, 2015 is the date. Black Ensemble Theater is the land spot, and the "LEGACY" will be available to the world.

2 years of recording, mixing, and configuring the legalities of doing a double-CD, and it's finally time.

You can follow the #WKLEGACY hashtag on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. If you're not in Chicago, there will still be a chance for you to support the event.

The album release event will be for all ages, and may include some special guest, as well as some special food!!! If you have to take off work or school on that Monday evening, it'll be worth it; I PROMISE LOL!

Please follow me on the social networks to stay posted on the developments, and here also.


30 July, 2015Another Year!~

Well, today is my birthday, and I must say...I'm glad to be here on the Earth still. No day is guaranteed, and with so many ways for the world to conspire against us, there's no telling when and how things will come for us, but the gift of life is good enough for me.

I have been steadfast in trying to prep the release of this new album, and so far, so good! I have the physical copies in hand, and I'm planning the release as we speak. I have a newly acquired team of proficient and awesome PR peeps, and I'm re-assembling my Avengers units for the task. I project that October will be the month things will go down, but I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, go to my soundcloud page and follow me there for previews of new music, which will be posted weekly.

Also link up with me on Youtube.com/williamkurk

I have a new piano video, and will be cranking out some new materials soon to come.

14 August, 2014Steve Arrington Tour

While I'm plotting a way to unleash my brand new musical venture in "Legacy", I'm going to be on the move with R&B/Funk legend Steve Arrington. He not only believes in the vision to affect change through innovation and eternal re-invention, but his fire burns for the music in a way that is unforgiving. Years and years (and years) in the business, and he his still able to do what he feels is worth while, according to his own standards, and nobody else.

Arrington will be around the country, with some overseas dates pending, so stay tuned to my 'GIGS' to know where he's going, and if he's coming to a city near you. That means I'll probably be around also, so let's make it happen.

I'm projecting the "LEGACY" album to be revealed sometime during the Fall hopefully. I'm just trying to get some administrative things in place, and hopefully some backing for this project, because the licenses and manufacturing of such a project is a tad pricey compared to my previous projects. It will happen, so just stay tuned for that. If you have any bright ideas, please let me know in the 'contact' tab!


23 May, 2014"LEGACY" is completely recorded / release date to be announced!~

This monster of a project that I've been working on for about a solid year and a half is finally in position to meet the world, but not without some plotting and configuration of when and how. This is sometimes harder to do than recording the music, but it will happen, and I'm gathering all of my ducks in a row to see what kind of event I can come up with for this album release.

The previous album release ("Super Pop Fusion") was rather epic in nature, and I would love to have that same support and more for this new album. I still have to get the graphics and other administrative duties set in place, but that will definitely happen. In the meantime, just stay tuned to the news, and check with me to see how things are coming along!


12 May, 2014My Facebook is back online!~

For all those peeps of mine who can't manage without their facebook fix...I'm back on the tracks! I honestly won't have the time like I used to for interactive conversations, but it's back...so if you feel so inclined, say 'what's up' or something.


30 April, 2014The Industry All Access W.K Interview

The 1st W.K interview in a while, and one that I'm truly proud of. I get in-depth regarding my vision and all the components of my musical sphere, so please give it a read, and COMMENT at the bottom of the page. These comments are important to help me understand what people gather from such shared info, and it's without obligation to join or sign up to anything...so please COMMENT. Thank you to all who have done so already, and share this with anyone who you think would find this to be interesting.

16 April, 2014"Shortbread Legs" featured on J.R Blog!~

The exclusive Soundcloud release of my tune "Shortbread Legs" has been featured on this blogspot. Check out the description of the sound by J.R, and check out the song if you haven't already. Soul/Funk lives!

25 March, 2014My Facebook Is Down

Sorry to all of those who are probably what happened to my Facebook page(s). The account is down for now. It will be determined at a later time when the account will be re-instated. You can stay posted here in the meantime. Thanks much.


21 March, 2014New Album / New Direction / New Mindset

Well, 2013 was more of a re-evaluation year for the #WKE manifesto. There were a very limited amount of shows performed throughout the year, and not too much public activity. On the other hand, the tribute album that I alluded to is all recorded and prepared to be complete soon.

"Legacy" will be a double CD collection of songs that are all written/recorded by some of my favorite artists and producers throughout history. I tried to fit all of the significant influences on this single project, because there will still be an endless amount of artists that I cannot cover all at once.

There is no set release date just yet, but upon completion, it will be set in motion for sure. You will be the first to know.

The #WKE has taken a backseat to complete the recording process for the time being, but still functions as a hub for new music and news-related content. Follow the #WKE tag on INSTAGRAM, and find me there too [@WilliamKurk].

I will be making some updates to this website along the way; consider it 'Spring Cleaning', so be patient with me throughout the process. Some things may seem weird at first, but it will be better, I promise!

Also, if you have any suggestions or recommendations for #WKE to perform at a particular venue/city/country, I'm all ears. I will definitely look into it and see what can happen in regards to making it real!

The #WKCarSoundtrack [tag on INSTAGRAM and FACEBOOK].
It's a very random series of video clips (15 secs to 2 minutes) that puts the viewer in the car with me, as I listen to various types of music. Some of them, I actually perform, while others are just listening. Check it out.
The longer video clips are on www.youtube.com/williamkurk

Oh yeah....


30 January, 2014William Kurk Enterprise (#WKE) mentioned in Top 10 bands to see in 2014!

Thanks so much to those who took notice! Check us out!!!! THIS YEAR!! If you want to see #WKE in your city, say so in the 'comment' section!

22 December, 2013R.I.P Ken Chaney

The passing of one of my pivotal mentors of music and life is certainly felt by me and the rest of the music scene. Ken Chaney made his transition, and this beautiful article written by jazz writer Neil Tesser pays homage to his legacy. I am mentioned, alongside a foray of my musical allies of the scene.

11 April, 2013The new order for W.K and the crew

Salutations people,
It's been a while since I came with the news, so now would be a good time. I'm currently working on the new project, which will pay homage to the musical icons that inspired me throughout my musical evolution. It will feature some Earth, Wind, & Fire, Al Jarreau, and Donald Fagen just to name a few.

The William Kurk Enterprise will no longer be acknowledged as a band, but as a musical-cultural movement. The change stems from promoters and talent buyers that are fragile to understanding the difference between me as an artist, and my band. My unit varies based on availability and circumstance, so it remains to be a rotation of players in my immediate network.

Another WKE event is on the horizon for the latter part of the year; once again at ETA Creative Arts Center. This time, I'm working on getting some sponsorship, so I can really blow things up. If you have a business and want to be considered for this event, please drop a line at the contact tab.

Outside of that, I'll keep you posted on the happenings of the universe and beyond.

Be well peeps,


31 October, 2012"SUPER POP FUSION" now available online!

The album release party on October 28th was off the chain! Thanks to those who came, and even those who wanted to, but couldn't. You can now go online, and get the CD delivered to your front door (or your P.O. Box if you're fancy). The album is also available on Amazon, and soon enough, iTunes! The holidays are nearing, so act fast! Quantities are very limited.

01 October, 2012"POP FUSION" download cards will be on hand at RELEASE PARTY!

For those who missed last year's release of the inception of the "POP FUSION" movement, the album will be available in the form of download cards! They contain the entire album for download, just in case you want to hear the previous installment of 'POP FUSION' before you hear "SUPER POP FUSION".

You can also purchase the physical copies at www.cdbaby.com/williamkurk4



Mark your calendar for the event that will seal the deal on 2012! The official SUPER POP FUSION ALBUM RELEASE! It will be on October 28th, 2012. 7p-10p, and cost absolutely nothing to enter. It's also an ALL AGES affair, so even the infants can come (as long as they're with their parents)! More details to come, but this is definitely a go, so reserve the time now, and plan for a new experience in art unity.

23 August, 2012#SPF is officially here/farewell to Chicago legends

It was a little over a full year ago that "Pop Fusion" made it's debut as a new era of the William Kurk sound, and now the next installment is on the way into the world. The physical copies are being pressed, and the process of getting it in circulation is underway. No official release plans are set just yet, but the idea will involve a secret release party. You have to stay tuned to the facebook/twitter feeds to get the lead on the developments.

On a sad note, Chicago has just lost two legendary musicians, as well as beautiful human beings.

My dear friend/bassist/vocalist, Dave Brooks, who passed away on August 19, 2012. He was a prolific person while being a world-class musician, having played with any and everyone in Chicago, as well as abroad.

Linford Deameris Vaughn (Deameris as he is called by many) made his transition August 22, 2012. A phenomenal drummer, character, and person of much conviction and faith.

Von Freeman, tenor saxophonist from Chicago, passed away August 13, 2012. His contribution to the music scene spans over 60 years; his jam session at the New Apartment Lounge in Chicago was a breeding ground for young jazz talent, and his discography of works is vast, both as a leader and a sideman.

Keep the family and friends of our departed souls in your prayers and condolences.


04 July, 2012"Pop Fusion" on Bandcamp will be axed in September

In the modern day of technology and sharing information, music is the active media being shared and distributed among people all over the world. The Bandcamp website has been a wonderful tool to expose many to the music I create, and I'm thankful for the few that take the time and energy to support with their ears, donations, and attention.

Unfortunately, there are some fundamental flaws with the use of Bandcamp, which is why the album will not live there in September. The major flaw is that people are listening to the music, and not making an effort to buy, share, and respond to the music. The completion of "Super Pop Fusion" is in arm's reach, and the standard of music being created is at the next level ascending. The use of Bandcamp is a positive device for singles and experimental music I have in my library, but not for full albums.

Would anybody watch a major movie release for free, then decide to pay for it later? Odds are: not at all. The album will be available on iTunes, CDBaby, and Amazon. Bandcamp has been great to me, and I appreciate the people who have done their part to keep the music alive.

Plans for the release of "Super Pop Fusion" are leaning towards the fall, sometime between October and November, so stay tuned. It's a worth musical project, and I can't wait to share it with the world.


31 January, 2012SUPER POP FUSION!

It sounds just like something you're familiar with already, just SUPER!
The new recording project is already consolidated, and slated for a release later this year (Fall). This album will feature some of the unreleased material recorded during the original Pop Fusion sessions, as well as miscellaneous jams in the spirit of Pop Fusion.

This album will integrate some live performance work by a select number of musician allies in the W.K web of talent, and demonstrate some more 'fusion-laced' compositions. The Pop/Soul elements will be there too, but the musicians demanded to be heard, and by virtue of my existence as a musician, they must be heard.

Stay tuned!

12 December, 2011"POP FUSION" now at Amoeba Records in Hollywood, CA

Go here if you're in the L.A area, and get the William Kurk Enterprise DVD /and/ the POP FUSION album. They're stranded there, and need a ride home...to your house. Great pricing too. Do not hesitate! Supplies are limited!

11 November, 2011"TUNES" section getting a makeover

Over the weekend, the "TUNES" area will start to include some POP FUSION clips from the album, as well as WILLIAM KURK ENTERPRISE clips from shows. The demand has been modest, and thanks to those who asked for more from the website. Besides, you already know what "THE SOUND" series sounds like, so I'll start changing things up soon.


12 October, 2011POP FUSION on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify

You can now get to the POP FUSION craze via these other reputable online distributors. Why stop at the mountain, when you can climb the clouds!!!

04 October, 2011"POP FUSION" on CDBABY.COM

Oh yeah!
The world's largest independent record distribution website is now carrying the "Pop Fusion" album, so when you're done reading this, click the link, and buy it. If you already have it, then write a review. It takes 3 minutes to say what you love or hate about it. Thanks!

19 September, 2011William Kurk on Wikipedia

For those who just need to know about my entire life, and all it's exploits, this is the place to go. Thanks to those who made it possible for me to exist in such a database.

12 September, 2011POP FUSION IS ON THE MOVE!

The new album/genre by William Kurk is taking flight. "POP FUSION" is quickly becoming a recognized genre by search engines and music enthusiast around the world. Keep passing the bandcamp page along, as well as any other videos that you see on the Youtube channel (www.youtube.com/williamkurk). The next W.K.E show is scheduled for October 27 at Mayne Stage, Chicago (down the street from Morseland, where the DVD was partially recorded). Mark the date, and stay tuned for more appearances and updates for "POP FUSION"!


12 August, 2011NEW ALBUM: "POP-FUSION" to be released August 16th!

This is an INTERNET ALBUM RELEASE PARTY!! Everybody loves to be on the web, and in most cases, would prefer it over actually leaving their house to celebrate something like an album release party. Well, it couldn't get anymore convenient!

09 August, 2011"GOLD MEDAL [LEO'S ANTHEM] available on Bandcamp..com

Every year, I write a tune on my b-day; a really odd tradition I started a long time ago. Its a way for me to mark where I am musically and in life. The latest concept is available on Bandcamp for $1!! YEP! ONE DOLLAR! Get it. It's literally just $1 too...!

27 June, 2011W.K.E DVD AT RECORD BREAKERS, South Loop, Chicago~

The DVD is in an outlet (for the first time in it's existence). Getting a CD is quite a rare treat these days with the lack of record stores, but a DVD is even more challenging if it's a concert DVD of music. Luckily, the very spot where most of the video was shot has a record store upstairs of most of the acts that come through, so find some time, and the spare change in your car, and get the DVD!!! It's worth every penny. I promise!

Record Breakers
2105 S. State
(312) 949-0125
On sale: $15

22 February, 2011William Kurk on TWITTER!

Yeah, it finally happened!



10 January, 2011Lead Sheet Service by W.K!

If you need a lead sheet for your original tunes/covers/or arrangements, I can now provide such a service.

Having lead sheets will allow musicians to play through music accurately, reduce rehearsal time, stress, and increase work opportunities.

-A basic lead sheet (just chords/basic rhythms/form/single page) starts at $10.
-A basic lead sheet with melody line included is $15.
-Advanced lead sheets include piano notation, scores, parts, transcriptions, choral parts, horn/strings parts.
-All music is done in Finale with standard page layouts, which can be used anywhere.
-Submit handwritten music, and turn it into printed music (rates vary depending on music).

Go to the 'Contact' link, and submit an inquiry regarding any of these services. Please use the subject header "Lead Sheet" for quicker response.

02 December, 2010William Kurk featured in JET Magazine

Check out the article that features myself, and 3 other sterling talents in the world of music from across the land. It's literally a few paragraphs, and it's compelling information, so come on!

17 November, 2010The Youtube Page!

William Kurk Footage and Videos, created from the video lab of the spaceship!

03 November, 2010Next Show: Elbo Room- November 15th, 2010!

Check it out! William Kurk Enterprise and Koku Gonza on a bill again, so bring your limbs and your extremities! Go to the "GIGS" tab for more info.

19 October, 2010SHOW THIS SUNDAY (OCTOBER 24th, 2010)

This show here, will be a monumental showcase of sorts for the William Kurk Enterprise, as the band performs selections 'Never-before-released' or 'Never-performed'! The lineup my be small, but 'The Sound' is going to be grand! Tim Seisser on Bass, and Myron Cherry on Drums= the longest-ranking current members of WKE, and their skills are refreshingly crisp and precise.

The show will be taped for the roundup for the DVD release, which may be ready during the Winter. Shows at the Morseland and Reggies will make up the core material for the 'Rockumentary-Style' expose on the band, and it's journey moving ahead. For those who appear at this upcoming show, you are going to be a witness to this undertaking live, and it will be raw and unadulterated.

I also have a bonus for those who want to see me in my younger days as a dancer at Youtube.com/williamkurk. The ILLWILL BBOY REEL is up and running, and has received quite a response from on lookers. If you're nosey, feel free.

The youtube player on my website is still not working that well, so you'll have to go to the site to see it.


16 September, 2010The Sound: Live In Chicago (DVD)


I've just uploaded the first ever 'preview' of what the DVD will sound like with the live version of 'Alaskian' at Reggies Music Joint. There will be more to come with the growth of this project, and the upcoming shows will capture additional footage to be apart of this adventure.

Video clips are being compiled for preview purposes, so stay tuned!

Also, the sound on the video section isn't working properly, and that is a website hosting issue, and I've complained to them already, so bare with me. You can view the same videos on youtube.com/williamkurk if you wish to see AND hear them!


25 August, 2010Projects To Come...

First of all...thanks to those who stay on me like a bee to honey about what I'm doing, which pushes me to produce for those of you who enjoy my art/madness! The DVD project is still underway, but as you may imagine, it's a growing process, with editing and stuff. As far as a new recording project, I'm heavily considering the release of the first ever William Kurk Enterprise project, which will take a more "instrumental" flare...which means less of my lyricism, and more jamming! This is a highly entertaining concept thus far, and we shall see how things shape up. In the meantime, get the albums if you don't have them (ALL OF THEM), and continue to support my efforts to preserve the lost art of musical creativity with instruments and solid songs/composition!

Stay thirsty my friends!

30 July, 2010My Day of Birth!

Today is my birthday. Thanks to my mom and dad (r.i.p 2003) for co-creating me, along with GOD, and the ancestors of my lineage. It's news to me, OKAY!!!

14 July, 2010DVD in the works!

Guess what? The DVD of the live presentation of WKE is under construction, and should be done sometime for the year is out (possibly by the fall, but don't hold me to that)! Director David Weathersby of Sub.Verse Studios is in command of the project, and will feature some highlights and stories related to "THE SOUND" series. Check out the albums for sale on iTunes and CDBABY, and catch up before the ultimate DVD is complete!


25 June, 2010R.I.P Fred Anderson

The leader of a new school, and the head of movement that spanned generations has passed away on Thurs, June 24th of 2010. The article here is just a quick eulogy of his influence and contributions, but for me, he gave way to the various opportunities for young jazzers to polish and develop their skills in his club (THE VELVET LOUNGE).

I have quite a few videos on youtube, and on this page with clips of me playing at the Velvet Lounge. Check them out, and remember the man who will forever be remembered for keeping the vision alive for the future generations of jazz.


29 April, 2010The New William Kurk Enterprise Fan Page!


Thanks to those who came out and supported the resurgence of the W.K.E last weekend.

I know the demand for one has been loud, and finally, things arrive to the point of reality. The Fan Page is ready and running, while also growing and being updated constantly.

To keep up with the happenings of the band, join us on Facebook.

10 April, 2010Facebook!

It's back. Sorry for the madness and such, but what is life without the moments of grave reflection and assessment.

Join in the fun...and in the meantime, get an album or two, or three!!!


25 March, 2010The new status update source: William Kurk Dot Com NEWS.

Howdy folks,

The tide of social networking has lead to a variety of connections and new alliances, and the benefits of Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter can be abundant with appropriate rhetorical sensitivity. Some of you are connected with my via Facebook, which is the champion network in this modern age thus far (alongside Twitter). I don't have a Twitter account, but Facebook has been very present, and perhaps too present for my own well being.

As an artist, it's a great way to introduce yourself to other artists and supporters. I find it ironic that Facebook is simple in how it's operated and controlled by the user, but how complicated it can be when attempting to bring some kind of order to the level of interactions that develop online (especially with the more people that enter your network).

Keeping in touch with family, friends, and old schoolmates has been the central draw for over 10 million users. What exactly is the punchline thus far you say? Well, for my own sovereignty and peace of mind, Facebook has gone haywire on my end, and as a result, I won't be that active on it.

Just 48 hours ago, I was ready to self-destruct the ship, and yes, it was serious. Since that time, I've been able to hold myself accountable for my doings, and with the support of those who were sincerely concerned for my well-being, I was convinced by peers that removing the page isn't going to make the problems go away; it would only amplify the issues that remain.

At the end of the day, people will always have an opinion on other folks' situations and circumstance; My effort to excel must remain, and it starts with making necessary changes to my priorities.

I'm working on a trio project, which will be a straight-up jazz album, and eventually the funk fusion project I was slated to work on from way back. Some of my dearest friends have expressed an interest in my 'blog-writing' (which I don't consider myself to be). I am NOT going to be 'Debbie Downer' and write about my issues all the time, so don't be alarmed. I just talk like I type, and some of ya'll know I talk a whole lots lol!

Well, stay tuned, and thanks for checking in.

08 March, 2010The Sound: Vol.3 now being distributed by Island Def Jam

"The Sound: Vol.3" is now a member of the digital distribution campaign of Island Def Jam. Stay tuned for where to find the album in your home country. The album is currently available at iTunes U.S, CDBABY.COM, and Rhapsody.


14 January, 2010R.I.P Nathtaniel McLin (1954-2010)

My own uncle, and art critic Nathaniel McLin passed away on January 13th, 2010. Thank you to those who sent their blessings and prayers. My own prayer is in remembrance of his memory, as well as the thousands that are suffering in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti.

I have a note posted on my Facebook wall regarding further details to my uncle's passing at this point. You may go to the links section, and click on my profile to view it (if you're already a friend).


07 December, 2009JAZZIZ feature for December 2009

"THE SOUND: VOL.3" is mentioned in the 'Independent Culture' section of JAZZIZ. The words are very few, but the album icon features a selection from the album for you listening pleasure (if you don't have the album). CHECK IT OUT!

06 November, 2009New EP due out for Winter 09!

The new EP entitled "Revenge of Mega Man" is underway. Stay tuned for more info. This will be the first release without 'THE SOUND' title, so let us see what happens.

25 July, 2009New Single "Kendi" available

The new release is here courtesy of Circular Motion Recordings.

"Kendi"- Originally from "The Sound: Vol.3".

Check it out if you're curious.


Now available at these locations:

5225 S. Harper Ave.
Chicago, IL 60615

Dusty Grooves America
1120 N. Ashland
Chicago, IL 60622

Gramaphone Records
2843 N. Clark
Chicago, IL 60657

Also available at www.cdbaby.com

12 April, 2009Album Release in June!

The album is now in post-production, and some of the special guest include....well, you'll see, but in the meantime, mark your calendars for the official album release at Reggie's Music Joint on JUNE 25th, 2009 (Thursday night)- 2105 S. State. $5 cover after 8pm, show at 9pm.

THE SOUND: VOL.3 will be available that day, as well as the classic other volumes (Vol.1+2). The Trilogy will be revealed.


13 September, 2008Review of my performance at the Close Up 2 Jazzfest 2008

"What was unexpected was the performance by Capt. Kurk. This writer has seen him on prior occasions, but never as energetic and dynamic as he was on this evening. He was "out of control," playing the keyboard with his feet, backwards, sitting down on the ground, with one hand.... it was a sight to see. Corey Wilkes commented "I've never seen that before." It was truly Kurk's coming out party, with even more to follow at the after set...

...If one thought Kurk was out of control at the festival, you should have seen him at the club. Words cannot describe the "show" he put on during the first set. Not only did he play the keys backwards, but he even lifted it off the stand, stood on a chair and began playing. He played it between his legs and behind his back and the crowd went crazy. Kurk's display was remarkable!!!!"

-James Walker, Jr (jazzchicago.net)

07 August, 2007BTAA Nomination

Nominated for the Duke Ellington Award for "Best Musical Direction" by the Black Theater Alliance (2007)

Article by Chris Jones (Chicago Tribune)